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  • Photo essay: Antique Air Show, Part 1

    The title of poet of the skies could easily be given to French pilot Antoine de Sainte-Exupéry. The author of the fantastical story The Little Prince also gave us several dramatic flight books, such as Night Flight, Southern Mail, and Wind, Sand and Stars. They are, from what I hear, as contemplative as they are […]

  • York Mystery Plays: Medieval meets modern

    “Beginning, middle and end I with my word have wrought.” from The Plasterer’s Play: The Creation of the World to the Fifth Day (performed in 2018 by the York Guild of Building) I have heard here and there some attribute modern theatre (we’re spelling it the British way today) largely to the Elizabethan era, with the […]

  • Photo essay: St. Demetrios, Seattle

    This evening I am sitting in a tiny cafe with high ceilings as a lively local Greek band, Dromeno, serenades an enthusiastic double circle of Balkan dancing. I count a good twenty people at least. I would be joining in except I’m nursing my first cold of the rainy season. But the music is so joyous […]

  • Getting un-stalled, Part 2: Let it Flow, art is a process

    Continued from Part 1… For at least two weeks, no ideas I came up with were getting finished, and nothing was being published. What was I going to do? Just let this blog die? I’ve started blogs before, and after a period of time they always end up stalled and I rarely get back to […]

  • Getting un-stalled, Part 1: Lots of Ideas, publishing nothing

    What happens when you are working on a project and you hit a wall? Call it an impasse, writer’s block, getting stalled…. call it what you will, I think it happens to most of us. Here on this blog we seem to have reached that point. The past couple weeks, getting from publishing Post No. 4 […]

  • Damascene Jewelry from Toledo

    You know how sometimes a piece of jewelry catches your eye immediately? Okay, well that happens for me plenty (learning jewelry making kinda ramped this up a few notches). It definitely happened at a vintage clothing shop in St. Louis last year, where I discovered two pieces that introduced me to a unique, and it turns out ancient, […]

  • My Camino, at home

    Two years ago I kept a poetry blog for the summer. My life at the time had begun to feel like a pilgrimage, with many unexpected twists and turns. I’ve been on pilgrimages before (hello World Youth Days in Toronto and Cologne) so I clearly recognized the intensity, the mystery, and the healing involved. Yet […]

  • Sliver Moons and the melancholy joy of summer

    Here we are smack in the middle of summer and I keep hearing about autumn just around the corner and getting ready for back to school… when here in Seattle summer literally just started! How disconcerting. Last week I made this photograph of the always stunning Olympic Mountains with a sweet sliver of a moon. […]

  • A pair of Patron Saints for creative entrepreneurs and family life

    Through Alençon lace and watches, a family of saints was established. Louis and Zélie were an entrepreneurial couple raising a bunch of girls in the middle of 19th century France. She ran a successful lace-making business, he was a watchmaker with his own shop. Skilled artisans who ran their own small businesses while raising a family of […]