Category: the creative process

  • Writing by hand

    “Writing by hand will show us True North.” Julia Cameron Part of my journey towards a daily art practice has included ‘morning pages’, the longhand freeform get-everything-out-of-your-brain writing exercise made famous by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way. As I was reading through the book of hers about creative pilgrimage called The Vein of Gold, […]

  • All Roads Lead to Burgundy

    Series no. 1 ~ The first of four series of paintings I am in the midst of creating is an exploration of my journey on the Camino in France. I call it All Roads Lead to Burgundy. How did I get here? It all came together through a French wine tasting, an art project with […]

  • Getting un-stalled, Part 2: Let it Flow, art is a process

    Continued from Part 1… For at least two weeks, no ideas I came up with were getting finished, and nothing was being published. What was I going to do? Just let this blog die? I’ve started blogs before, and after a period of time they always end up stalled and I rarely get back to […]

  • Getting un-stalled, Part 1: Lots of Ideas, publishing nothing

    What happens when you are working on a project and you hit a wall? Call it an impasse, writer’s block, getting stalled…. call it what you will, I think it happens to most of us. Here on this blog we seem to have reached that point. The past couple weeks, getting from publishing Post No. 4 […]