Photo essay: St. Demetrios, Seattle

This evening I am sitting in a tiny cafe with high ceilings as a lively local Greek band, Dromeno, serenades an enthusiastic double circle of Balkan dancing. I count a good twenty people at least. I would be joining in except I’m nursing my first cold of the rainy season. But the music is so joyous I find myself dancing in my chair. ((Heard them say this happens monthly – the Balkan Dance Cafe!)).

I’ve known of this band ever since my days working at the magical Swingside Cafe, where they played in a corner of an even tinier restaurant occupying the front rooms of an old house. They are somewhat of a family band, and extremely talented.

In keeping with the Greek theme, we happen to be in middle of a weekend when the wildly popular Greek Festival takes over St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church here in Seattle. I remember hearing about it for years before I finally made it last September. My friend and I joined a fascinating tour of the church interior. The church building is from the 1960s, with lots of mosaics and a stunning dome filled with soft colors and a piercing gaze from the face of Christ.

Of course I made some photographs…



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