Meghan’s Wedding Veil: a couple’s mission in embroidery

It seems I’ve been a fan of the royal family for quite some time…

((yes, that’s me!))

It has been one year to the day since Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle. I was 2 years old when I watched the wedding of his parents, Prince Charles and Diana, and I was not about to miss seeing this wedding. Not having a TV at home, I found a movie theater (!) that was showing the full 3 hour long coverage straight from the British media and it was a delightful experience. It might’ve been 4 hours, now that I think of it!

They gave all the background for everything – the chapel, the guests, the musicians, the ceremony – and narrating all you could possibly want to know about the couple’s choices for the day and the members of the royal family who attended, which I love. Overkill for some people, but I am a person who appreciates well executed events and the intention and care which goes into those details. And in particular, what they mean to the people there.

What struck me the most about the entire beautifully orchestrated wedding day was Meghan’s bridal veil.

Let me explain.

The veil was a stunner, for sure: sixteen (16) feet long, created from silk tulle, embroidered all around the edges with flowers, all stitched by hand using silk thread, taking a total of 500 hours to create. A labor of fine craftsmanship on a level rarely ever attempted or seen.

Yet the symbolism in those flowers is where my heart skipped a beat. That is what makes the veil extraordinary. Each of the flowers embroidered on her veil is from one of the fifty-three (53) Commonwealth countries. Not official state flowers, but wildflowers! Plus the California poppy, where she is from. Lovely.

Why this is so special has to do with the role this couple was about to take on. Shortly before the wedding, Harry was officially named by the Queen as Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth, with Meghan to join him in that role. Her choice to include flowers from the entire Commonwealth on her veil speaks volumes to me of the honor and respect she has for this leadership role entrusted to her and husband and its importance in their shared life.

What I adore is how this gesture, besides being incredibly romantic, also concretely shows that she understands her marriage is one of mission. That they as a couple are invested in a work – together – that doesn’t solely define them, but unites them in purpose. I want a marriage like that. A husband and wife whose lives are on purpose, for the good of others, as a gift to the world.

In this documentary, you can see Meghan herself talking about the story behind her veil, and some wonderful close-ups of the exquisite silk flowers:

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