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  • My film camera on pilgrimage

    A run to replace the tiny battery in my trusty old film camera also yielded a colorful set of notebooks made with fancy German paper – on sale and just the right size for a portable, packable journal. Preparations for my trip abroad are coming along, and the countdown is in the single digits. Giddy […]

  • 100 days of Maps+Compasses: Halfway Point Highlights

    We’re quite a bit past the halfway point now in #the100dayproject2019 but I have been meaning to share some of my work with you. The theme I picked for my project is Maps + Compasses, and true to form it has been a winding road. The underlying theme is pilgrimage, especially interior pilgrimage, and my […]

  • Meghan’s Wedding Veil: a couple’s mission in embroidery

    It seems I’ve been a fan of the royal family for quite some time… ((yes, that’s me!)) It has been one year to the day since Prince Harry married American actress Meghan Markle. I was 2 years old when I watched the wedding of his parents, Prince Charles and Diana, and I was not about […]

  • The #100dayproject: testing out a daily art practice

    Last month I landed at a short term temp job working for attorneys who specialize in real estate/land use/environmental law. They have a spectacular gigantic compass on one wall. Around the same time #the100dayproject showed up on my radar. I know the importance of the daily practice of anything, but especially for artists I believe […]

  • Thorns and Roses: a meditation on miracles + suffering

    Daily I turn around and tragedy is before me, many far but some are near, twists and turns of events not my own and yet my own, reminding me that I am a colorful thread somewhere in the interwoven tapestry of this world. What hue is your thread? Quite sure mine is a deep burgundy, […]

  • Sweetheart Valentine

    Let Me Call You…. Sweetheart! (cue the music) The immensely popularly ballad of the same title was written in 1910, and performed by numerous singers throughout the jazz era. I cannot help but begin singing it out loud when I read it! Which then leads straight into the second line of the chorus – “I’m […]

  • Artists need Spiritual Retreats too

    Those of us who create do so for a multitude of reasons, and what we ultimately end up with is a gift, whether for ourselves or for others. The world is thirsting for all us artists have to give through the experience of what we create – hope, beauty, joy, encouragement, healing, connection to one […]

  • Alignment: a way of life

    “To photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It’s a way of life.” ~ Henri Cartier-Bresson My recent trip to San Diego ended with two solid days spent at the museums in Balboa Park, admiring the architecture, and glorying in the sunshine. Inspirations galore, including this quote spotted on a tote […]

  • Heirloom Arts Revival

    Surely you’ve noticed the trend. Everywhere you look, there is another micro business popping up with handmade, home grown, local, craft, organic, small batch… you name it. Historically rooted craftsmanship popping up everywhere.   This is not quite along the lines of running away to live with the Amish (though this guy did for a […]

  • Painting on Photographs

    My November has largely been spent inventing a ton of new artistic ideas, and revisiting many others I’ve had over the years. Stay tuned for many new adventures! One idea which has been percolating for awhile is a variation on hand-tinted photographs. Quite common in the early days of exclusively black & white photography, prints […]